From the moment you walk into our Southside location, you’ll realize it’s not a store. It’s an experience. Take your time and relax in any piece of furniture you like before you ultimately find the one that’s right for you.


Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm

Sun: Closed

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PerLora Strip District offers ample street parking near our store. Additionally, there’s garage parking on the same block at 28th Street between Spruce Way and Railroad Street.


From North
  1. Take I-79 S.
  2. Continue on I-279 S.
  3. Merge onto I-279 S.
  4. Use the right lane to take exit 2A for I-579 S toward Veterans Bridge.
  5. Use the right two lanes to take the 7th Ave. exit.
  6. Continue onto 7th Ave.
  7. Turn right onto Grant St..
  8. Continue to Liberty Ave.
  9. Turn left onto 27th St.
  10. Turn right onto Smallman Ave.
  11. Follow to 2837 Smallman St.
From South
  1. Take I-79 N.
  2. Merge onto I-376 E.
  3. Use second from left lane to take the I-279 exit.
  4. Use middle lane to continue to exit 70 B.
  5. Follow signs for Duquesne Blvd.
  6. Keep right to stay on exit 70 B.
  7. Follow signs for Convention Center.
  8. Turn left on Smallman Street.
  9. Follow to 2837 Smallman St.
From East
  1. Take I-376 W.
  2. Take exit 72 B for Blvd of the Allies.
  3. Merge onto Blvd of the Allies.
  4. Keep right at the fold and follow signs for I-579 S/ I-279 Veterans Bridge.
  5. Continue onto I-579 North.
  6. Use left lane to take 7th Ave. exit toward Convention Center.
  7. Turn right on Grant St.
  8. Continue onto Liberty Ave.
  9. Turn left on 27th St.
  10. Turn right onto Smallman Ave.
  11. Follow to 2837 Smallman St.
From West
  1. Take PA 65 South/ Ohio River Blvd.
  2. Keep left and follow signs for PA-28 N/ I-279/ US-19 Truck North. 
  3. Follow PA-65 S to left as it turns into I-279.
  4. Take exit 1D for PA-28 N/ East Ohio St. toward Etna.
  5. Keep right and continue toward PA 28 N.
  6. Continue onto PA 28 N.
  7. Take exit 2 and turn right to cross 31st Street Bridge toward Strip District.
  8. Turn right onto Penn Ave.
  9. Turn right onto 30th St.
  10. Turn left onto Smallman St.
  11. Follow to 2837 Smallman St.