From the moment you walk into our Southside location, you’ll realize it’s not a store. It’s an experience. Take your time and relax in any piece of furniture you like before you ultimately find the one that’s right for you.


Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm

Sun: Closed

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Perlora Southside has plenty of street parking just tseps away from our front door. Additionally, we have free parking in the lot behind our store. If you like, please call ahead at 412.431.2220 and we’ll have a spot waiting for you!


From North
  1. Take I-79 S.
  2. Keep left at the fork and continue onto I-279 S.
  3. Use the right lane exit 2A for I-579 S toward Veterans Bridge.
  4. Continue on I-579 S.
  5. Use the second from the right lane to take the 7th Ave exit toward 6th Ave/ Downtown.
  6. Merge onto Bigelow Blvd.
  7. Continue straight onto Bigelow Square.
  8. Turn left onto 6th St.
  9. Turn left onto Forbes Ave.
  10. Turn right into Armstrong Tunnel.
  11. Continue straight onto S. 10th Bridge.
  12. Turn left onto E. Carson St.
  13. Follow to 2220 East Carson St.
From South
  1. Take I-79 N.
  2. Take exit 59 A and merge onto I-379 E.
  3. Take exit 72 A to merge onto Forbes Ave toward Oakland.
  4. Continue on Forbes Ave.
  5. Take Fifth Ave/ Birmingham Bridge toward E. Carson St.
  6. 2220 E Carson St. is directly ahead once you depart bridge.
From East
  1. Take I-376 W
  2. Take exit 73A toward Bates St.
  3. Turn right on Bates St.
  4. Use middle lane to turn left onto Second St.
  5. Turn right onto Hot Metal Bridge.
  6. Turn right onto East Carson St.
  7. Follow to 2220 East Carson St.
From West
  1. Take PA-65 S/ Ohio River Blvd.
  2. Continue onto PA-65 S/ US-19 S.
  3. Continue onto PA 65 S.
  4. Use right two lanes to merge onto I-279 S toward I-376 Fort Pitt Bridge.
  5. Use left lane to take exit toward Downtown Pittsburgh.
  6. Turn left onto East Carson St.
  7. Follow to 2220 East Carson St.