Doggie design

Wanmokku is a minimal design created by Japan-based Torafu Architects. The initial inspiration for the design came from an informal encounter with a Jack Russell Terrier. Through careful observation, the designers noticed that the dog would always come into close proximity to the clothes of the owner – most likely due to the reassuring scent and pleasant touch of the fabric.leibal_wanmokku_torafu_9

Torafu decided to take this interesting observation a step further by creating a furniture piece which would use the owner’s old clothes as a foundation for where a dog could play and rest. The elastic nature of the clothes forms a hammock like surface when attached to the frame. Depending on the season, the user can also adjust the material of the clothing according to the temperature.

The construction of this design is incredibly simple as well; the assembly involves attaching two pieces of plywood frame and a wooden deck. The hinge at the front of the design is necessary for the stability of the frame as well as acting as a tiny stair for the dog to step on!

leibal_wanmokku_torafu_3 leibal_wanmokku_torafu_2 leibal_wanmokku_torafu_5 leibal_wanmokku_torafu_7


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