The Plateau collection is recognized for its elevated frame and architectural design aesthetic. It consists of a thin profile with wide range of movement, offering additional comfort. The seat cushions are made of various layers of foam and memory foam, which results in a balanced seating experience. Either a blind-pull back cushion or a feather-filled back cushion are cushion treatment options within the Plateau collection.

Dimension: 94"W x 34"D x 29.5"H

Material: Multiple fabric or leather options available with an aluminum or anthracite leg.

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Plateau is another soft and smooth sofa  from EQ3. Featuring an elevated frame and architecturally inspired design with a thin profile for extra comfort. Designed with precision  and  for complete comfort. You’ll love the combination of its classic appeal and contemporary charm. Additionally, Plateau exhibits exquisite shapes, quality materials, and soft seat cushions. The comfortable seat and backrest provide support perfect for  your family bonding or while having a great time with your friends.

At PerLora, we help you create an elegant home. Utilize your space wisely. To check out this amazing item, visit us at our South Side store or our leather showroom in the Strip District. PerLora has been committed to bringing  you the finest in modern home furnishings. It is an honor to assist you in customizing your home.