Dimension: 133"W x 65"L x 41"D x 37"H

Material: Multiple leathers or fabrics available.

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Denny by Gamma is an excellent design leather sofa that features pared-back pure lines for complete comfort. Boasting a vintage style with a combination of classic charm and contemporary charisma. Additionally, Denny exhibits exquisite shapes, materials, and soft seat cushions. It has a sophisticated style with very detailed stitch lines highlighting Gamma’s artisanal skills. The comfortable seat and backrest provide support perfect for your family bonding or while having a great time with your friends.

At PerLora, we help you create an elegant home. Utilize your space wisely. To check out this amazing item, visit us at our South Side store or our leather showroom in the Strip District. PerLora has been committed to bringing  you the finest in modern home furnishings. It is an honor to assist you in customizing your home.