PerLora LOFT

The Home of Contemporary Furniture

For years, Perry and Lora Sigesmund eyed the vacant and historic building next to PerLora, their contemporary furniture store on E. Carson St; When the building went up for sale, after sitting idle at the foot of the Birmingham Bridge for 20 years, the Sigismund’s snapped it up.

PerLora opened the new showroom so customers get a new experience. A chance to try out the furniture in a relaxed residential and decidedly cool setting. Today it’s the home of PerLora Loft. Featuring a contemporary furniture store in a 4,000-square-foot apartment and loft setting. Regardless of circumstances, PerLora still connects with PerLora Loft even if it resides in a separate building.

The first floor showcases a Canadian-based brand called EQ3. On the other hand, the second floor features Stressless You and Innovation Living, a Danish company. The front apartments are staged room settings with numerous contemporary brands such as Brady Collection and BDI. For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.