PerLora Leather

Load Your Space With Leather Furniture

PerLora Leather Pittsburgh PA opened its doors way back in 1999. Known for the wonderful smell of leather. Moreover, it is the only store in this area that dedicates the entire showroom to leather furniture. You have a lot of options because their styles range from transitional to modern. Nevertheless, PerLora Leather is the second showroom of PerLora that specializes in the finest contemporary leather upholstered goods available.

For nearly 20 years, PerLora has brought the best of modern furnishings to the Pittsburgh area. Now, it’s time to expand and try PerLora Leather’s offerings. We have traveled land and sea, just to give you various modern furniture. So whether you are looking to furnish your home, office, or commercial space, make sure to drop in our store. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and quality products!

All PerLora Leather ‘s sales associates are designers. In fact, many employees have been part of the PerLora Family since the store historic opening. With that level of dedication, we know that you will love your experience at PerLora.