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Since 1994, PerLora Furniture has been providing the Pittsburgh region exquisite quality and a curated selection of interior design and European furnishings, filling the demands for modern and contemporary furniture, art, lighting, rugs, and accessories, all in 2 destination locations. Whether you are looking for that specific piece that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, or have an entire home ready to be filled with the furniture of your dreams, PerLora will delight your senses, and complete your home in a way you never dreamt possible.

With a full staff of trained interior designers, you’re assured expert advice and a trained eye to guide you on the path to the home you’ve always desired. PerLora and PerLora Leather offer premier furniture with a vast array of customization available, so you never have to settle. Visit one of our locations today to experience impeccable service, and discover the latest in interior design trends!