Quinn Brant


Client’s connect with my laid-back personality and approachability, combined with the fact that I’ve received design training in Scandinavia and Pratt institute in Brooklyn. I’m never above sharing a joke or a story. I’m really a ‘hands-on’ guy – love to get my hands dirty in the design process so have no problems getting in there with contractors and the demo team as well as the client. I love every aspect of the process alike – be it demo, design-drawings or decoration. I like to think that I work well with everyone; I really like educating newcomers on design as well as working with those already well versed. I think we all have something to teach so hope that every connection is mutually beneficial.


At Pratt I trained as a very architectural interior designer, celebrating pure form and function, but have since developed a more decorative, light, almost Swedish style focusing on modern, crisp European pieces accented with antiques, found objects, and original art. I like color to be used strategically to accent but not overwhelm a space! I drew my first architectural drawings at age 5 and still have them! I find that ‘home’ is a haven, meaning different things to different people – but that home is where you find comfort. If I’ve created a space that enables the inhabitants to feel at ease, then I’ve succeeded. Form and function love to go hand-in- hand. I love space planning and making sure all items selected enable the space to function optimally, offering good sightlines, beauty and ease of use. Designing oddly shaped spaces is a challenge I savor! My first professional design job was designing stores worldwide for a fashion designer, but have been lucky enough to design homes since then. While I greatly like contract work, I find residential jobs offer greater flexibility and creativity – and much more fun!


Design inspiration is literally everywhere – I’ve designed various spaces off of the classic wrap dress, a beautiful old 1950s Buick, even a fractured hunk of industrial glass! See the world through the eyes of a kid and you can find inspiration everywhere you look.


Quinn has a master’s degree in interior design from Pratt Institute and has been a guest editor at design magazines in the Pacific Northwest – what fun interviewing other designers and getting to hear their story and processes. He’s looking forward to connecting with the Pittsburgh design community! Quinn designed retail and department stores for 7 years before finding his calling in luxury retail furnishings. He loves that PerLora offers both a huge array of furnishings AND design services!
He feels good about giving back; he helped found a NW Pennsylvania charitable organization that has raised thousands for various organizations and people in need, and he has plans on following up here in Pittsburgh – stay tuned!