Gabriella Rodriguez


My personal design style can be described as rustic, mid-century modern. Mid-century
modern is my favorite design era and I love the new trend of industrial living, so mixing the
two is where my heart really lies.


I pull inspiration from architectural features, antiques, artwork, and nature, but basically, I
believe that anything you see, feel, taste, hear, or smell can become inspiration.

Client Interaction

I am fairly new to this business but have already made some great connections with my
clients. I love the diversity of the people I get to work with and each person’s uniqueness
that then contributes to the outcome of the design process. I especially love working with
clients that aren’t afraid of color and want to do something different in a space. PerLora has
a vast array of options to help our clients find the perfect piece that they will love for the next
20+ years.

Residential or Commercial?

I prefer residential more because I like the personalization that goes with it by creating the
perfect space for clients to relax and live in.

More About Gabbi

I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
in 2016. And before that I grew up in a small town about 10 minutes from Hersheypark. I
chose Pittsburgh to continue my education since I am an avid Steelers fan. ]

My favorite part of being an Interior Designer is space planning and then coordinating fabrics and colors to make my client’s needs and desires for their room a reality. I started my career at PerLora in the Fall of 2015 as an intern and then was hired as the Operations Assistant where I assisted with pricing, ordering, inventory control and store operations.

Helping in the daily operations of the store was truly a benefit because I now know our inventory and product details like the back of my hand. And now as a Designer I use that product knowledge to find my clients the perfect piece that fits all of their needs. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, repurposing antiques, doodling, DIY projects, hiking, ande xploring Pittsburgh.