Cooper and Nico

Meet Cooper and Nico, PerLora’s loveable office dogs. Why office dogs you ask? We find that having dogs makes a real difference around the office!

Some people might dispute the value of having a pet at all. To those people, we say: LOOK AT THOSE FACES! Nonetheless, for the stern and ruthlessly practical among you, the question may have some merit. After all, Cooper and Nico can’t write sales, change light bulbs or answer phones.

Well, the thing about dogs is they’re always happy to see you. When you’ve been heavily engaged in something for hours (maybe days) at a time, and the end only seems to be receding further into the distance, a dog has a noticeable effect on company morale. They revive flagging spirits and make good moods even better – qualities that contribute immensely to PerLora’s atmosphere of happiness and everlasting optimism.

Nowadays, Cooper, Nico and PerLora are more or less synonymous. Their hobbies include taking long daytime naps – yes, the other team members are very jealous – greeting customers, and going for walks. Standard dog stuff, really, but they make it their own.