Ashley Omahne


I would classify my style as current.  I like to read blogs and articles to try and stay as fashion forward as possible. Every year, I get a new tattoo of the pantone color of the year.  Just kidding.  I don’t, but I would…

Every designer thinks differently.  We’re all set apart in our own ways.  When it comes to designing a space, there are multiple ways to achieve a home run.  I like to get to know my client and then design their room based on how I would want it if I lived there.

My favorite challenge is always space planning.  I like showing people that there are multiple ways to arrange their rooms.  They don’t have to buy the same size furniture or the same layouts they’ve had for many years. There’s always something new and creative we can come up with.


Color is my inspiration.  I enjoy looking at all of the beautiful colors in nature…blues, oranges, browns, yellows and greens. Anything natural and neutral is so easy to work with.  To contrast that, pinks, black and turquoise are my favorites to play with.

Client Interaction

The clients that I do bond with and enjoy working with me do so because I have a magnetic personality, but also my follow up is immediate.  People like that I am always quick to get back with an answer, idea, update or suggestion.  Communication is very important, so I touch base constantly with any current jobs or orders that have been placed.

Working in retail means you have the ability to work with a wide range of demographics.  I can fit an elderly person into the best Stressless chair for them as easily as I can sell a Buddha board to a five year old. I can even do both at the exact same time, while making coffee for the Stressless chair’s daughter who is the mom of the five year old!

Residential or Commercial?

I’ve spent my years at PerLora mainly working on residential design. I’ve dabbled in a few commercial projects, but I love working in homes. I’m always trying to schedule an appointment, so I can get to know the space and the client’s lifestyle.  Sometimes, I even get offered a glass of wine which is why I’ll always choose residential over commercial!

More About Ashley

Ashley received her interior design degree from The Art institute of Pittsburgh.  She has worked at PerLora for over 15 years.  Ashley says that she is still with interior design today because she found a company to grow old with, a backlog of clients who still call her 15 years later, and she’s just really talented at helping people find their credit cards in messy purses.