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Fall Color Story

Like the seasons, our color palette in the home continually changes. Fall brings the turning of leaves, and most beautifully the changing of colors. Take a hint when getting ready for the holidays and decorate in warm tones to create a cozy paradise. From deep burgundies to warming browns, you can even sneak in a […]

Find Your Seat at the Table

The holidays are a time to gather around the table while creating and sharing memories with your family. No matter how you celebrate, the changing of seasons turns us towards the fireplace and some of our favorite cozy pastimes within the home. While preparing for cooler weather, warm the home by staying together around lasting […]

All About Lora!

Lora and Perry are the dynamic duo behind PerLora. To complement our blog about Perry, we talked to Lora about growing up in the furniture industry, her motivations and inspirations, and what she finds to be her secret to success. Lora’s Background While she was growing up, Lora’s parents owned a furniture store that seemed […]