Via Seating

Ready to Ship in 48 Hours

Via Seating Pittsburgh PA is a Nevada-based company dedicated to the sweet spot of seating. In 1987,  Thomas Sorensen founded the firm. He’s a very progressive individual who had the dream of manufacturing high-quality seating. Every chair, every option, every fabric, every leather. Moreover, he also wanted to ship the items within 48 hours.

No one had ever heard of such a radical concept. In fact, some companies had a quick ship program made up of a small sample of product available in black, blue or brown. However, there’s nothing as extensive and ambitious as this driven individual had in mind.

Via seating has been in business for close to 30 years and has always specialized in high quality, comfortable, ergonomic seating products. Further, there’s a science behind Via seating’s proprietary cushion molds that encourages optimal sitting positions. So while others chairs may look similar, they simply don’t offer the initial or long-term comfort, you feel from a via seating chair.

Sweet Spot of Seating

Via seating is dedicated to the sweet spot of seating. As a matter of fact, they only offer great chairs that are easy to get from people who are passionate about the customer experience. The company focuses on comfort, quality, people, ergonomics, 48-hour ship and American pride.

Today, via seating is seen as a very high-quality seating specialist that ships a wide range of seating. From executive, management, conference, task, to guest/occasional. Moreover, they now manufacture lobby seating.

So make sure to reserve your seat. To find your sweet spot of seating, visit Via seating only at PerLora.