Preserving the Value of “Made in Italy”

Gamma Pittsburgh PA has been producing a concrete form to its passion for design. Inspired by Passion and Experience, Love for Interior Design, and Deep Knowledge of Craftsmanship. Without a doubt, Gamma is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the industry.

Way back in 1974, Carla Botti and Gabriele Ghetti founded Gamma in Forli, Italy. They are two friends that share the same thoughts and passion for furniture. With a successful history of administrative experience, Carla Botti brings high-level management to the administrative and commercial departments of Gamma International. On the other hand, Gabriele Ghetti delivers his love for detail and in-depth knowledge of craftsmanship of handbags and small leather goods.

Gamma has chosen not to relocate and to maintain its production entirely in the Forlì facility. This decision has allowed the company to rely on the creativity, experience, and skills of designers. Moreover, with the help of Italian artisans while constantly monitoring the quality of products.

In recent years, the owners marked a crucial turning point, with the decision to invest in the Gamma brand. The development of the brand, supported by investments in original and high-quality product, has brought international success to the company. Currently, Gamma exports in 64 countries and, through the American headquarters Gamma USA, leads the high-end American market in the upholstery business.

Passion Takes Concrete Form

Gamma is able to give concrete form to its passion for design because of continuous research and innovation. The founders faced different problems, but they never stopped believing. They didn’t forget their traditional values and managed to maintain a clear vision of the present with an eye on the future. As a result, it produced a distinct style and an intrinsic elegance of each element and achieved workmanship design. Nevertheless, it emphasized the craftsmanship in contemporary forms and state-of-the-art lines.

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