Modern Design for Everyday Living

The EQ3 Pittsburgh PA is from North America that offers modern furniture for the urban living. So make sure to create a stylish space with a modern, simple, clean and functional design.

President and CEO Peter Tielmann established EQ3 back in 2001. Having grown up in Europe, Peter later recognized the lack of modern furniture in North America. Moving on, the company started to grow and created high-end furniture under his great supervision. Since then, EQ3 has been a Winnipeg-based company and a trusted-company when it comes to stylish furniture.

Today, EQ3 is a vertically integrated company specializing in modern design for everyday life. In fact, each furniture offers a simple, clean yet functional design. Furthermore, all furniture includes customized fabric or leather finishes, and legs for a style of your own.

Proudly Canadian

EQ3 is proud of their roots and strives to produce as much of their product in Canada as possible. As of the moment, all of EQ3’s upholstery pieces are from their Winnipeg-based factory including all furniture items from sofas, sectionals, throw cushions, to ottomans and more.

Create a stylish space with home accessories from EQ3 found at PerLora LOFT.