A True Story of Success

Copeland Pittsburgh PA has been producing wood products and furniture since 1976. One of the trusted brand in the industry. Moreover, Copeland  Pittsburgh PA has continuously evolved beyond the years. It started as a one-man shop, and now, to the largest manufacturer of high-end furniture.

Copeland started creating wood products from natural hardwoods in the early 1970s. It has the vision to produce a family owned and operated enterprise. At first, Copeland made cider presses for home and small-scale orchard use. Eventually, they developed their designs while making sure that every item is affordable yet functional.

During Copeland's several periods of growth, they have evolved their business into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With the proper combination of high-end computer technology and traditional craftsman technique, Copeland gained success. Until they have created an enterprise that provides solutions for relaxation.

Greatness Throughout Time

Copeland furniture showcase high end, mid-century modern with exceptional style and genuine craftsmanship. You have different contemporary collections to choose from. Otherwise, you can pick a traditional custom.

Aesthetic Design

Copeland has been continuously innovating their designs to meet their market needs. Currently, their aesthetic advances as a strong influence. Copeland's idea has the best contemporary, traditional, and a combination of elements to produce the most efficient modern furniture.

Endless Passion

Since from the beginning, the primary goal of Copeland is to create furniture with good design, excellent quality, and value. Experience and knowledge have brought them at the peak of their success. Copeland believes that constant growth is the key to satisfy their clients.

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