American Leather

A Unique Brand Based on Innovation

American Leather is offered at Perlora in Pittsburgh, PA. They stand apart as a custom leather furniture manufacturer that delivers to their consumers in record time. About 30 days or less to be specific.

The American Leather inspiration started with the “just-in-time” manufacturing guarantee from a Japanese car industry. Their intrigue with a fast delivery system blossomed into practice when they decided to apply this delivery method to the furniture enterprise. They followed the same process where they set a precedent for quick-ship delivery while ensuring that the quality of the products did not waver. The success in doing so set the standard for all other custom furniture manufacturers to date.

The American Leather brand has evolved over the years, from a small four person shop to what is now a thriving leader in the furniture industry.

A Factory Unlike Any Other

The American Leather factory is located in Dallas, TX. Here, custom luxury furniture orders are manufactured. Next, the finished product is delivered to retail partners, like us, who then deliver to the consumers’ homes in about 30 days or less, with no risk of compromise in quality.

The American Leather factory successfully combines the best in technology, efficiency, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship to continue to fulfill their promise of extraordinary quality and unparalleled styles. As a result, American Leather has expanded well beyond their popular custom leather options and offer a variety of fabrics as well. They remain firmly rooted in their heritage of speed, quality, and customization. Furthermore, they have been consistent in providing style, comfort, and doing right by their customers.

Enjoy the American Leather products that PerLora and PerLora Leather have to offer.