Table Tops That Pop – You’re Invited!

PerLora invites interior decorating connoisseurs to celebrate the well- awaited spring season with their ‘Table Tops that Pop’ event on Saturday, March 25th. From 12PM to 2PM. This event will be open to the public – we hope to see you there! Attendees will enjoy a floral arrangement demo featuring poppies and other featured items. As well […]

Top 5 Must-Have Pieces of Furniture for Small Apartments/Lofts

Having 650 sq. ft. or less to work with can be absolutely daunting…or it can be a time to be incredibly creative and innovative! Our theory is small living doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxury – the key is to find pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, serve numerous purposes, and are spatially savvy. Without further […]

This vs. That: Part 2

Last week, we laid out some synonymous terms commonly used by different individuals for the same piece of furniture that were all (even by interior design standards) still correct. This week we’re tackling something a little bigger: commonly confused furniture terms. Below we’ve listed some terms that represent totally different pieces of furniture, yet are […]

This vs. That: Part 1

True to the American language, the world of furniture and design doesn’t shy away from synonymous terminology. If you’re from Pittsburgh and you’ve ever ordered a ‘pop’ in another state, you know this quite well. This can lead to many ‘this or that’ discussions (i.e. is it pop or soda?). Our very own Perry and […]

The PERfect Fit

Arranging furniture and other interior décor can be an intimidating task – you don’t want to clutter, clash, or commit any other design faux paus. Even the most flawless of homes can pose their own complications, so what’s one to do when their abode features an abundance of oddly shaped rooms complete with the works: […]

Valentine’s Day Dinner, Sweets, and Laughs

February 14th doesn’t always have to be a day of fancy five-star restaurants & heart-filled holiday cards. This Valentine’s Day shower your sweetie with romantic, unforgettable gestures right at home. From a charming home-cooked spread to a few shared giggles, let the little moments make the greatest impact this holiday. P.S. We think Pan-Fried Trout […]

Valentine’s Day Pillow Talk – Literally

Make your sweetheart swoon this Valentine’s Day with charming gestures that will make him/her laugh, smile, and fall in love all over again. Make your home a cozy lovebird’s paradise by accentuating your favorite comfortable chair, sofa, or bed with Alexandra Ferguson’s recycled felt applique pillows! These pillows are perfect for: demonstrating your love on […]

Modern, Trendy, & Kid-Friendly

It’s the ultimate conundrum – sacrificing style for furniture a little more resilient thanks to the reckless nature of your favorite little young’uns. But, thanks to modern innovation you can have the best of both worlds: bold, chic pieces that can endure accidents, spills, and more without those drab slipcovers. Check out our favorite kid-friendly […]

Throw a Football Playoff Party the Rooney’s Would Be Proud Of

Football shaped finger foods, Steelers gear for miles, and a fanatic dedication that’s simply incomparable – that’s a Steelers Playoff game party for you. Now that you’ve got some tasty game day treats, here’s our list of must-have game day supplies! Here We Go!!!

Going Green in 2017

As we welcome 2017, we’re embracing new, exciting resolutions, fashion, lifestyle habits, and (our personal favorite) home design trends! This year, Green is the new Black – here’s what you can expect to see. Needless to say, we can expect to see tons more of this beautifully crafted yellow-green hue. Eager to bring a little […]