Vintage shoot

27th, Dec, 2012

Ilott Vintage  takes classic mid-century rangefinder cameras and refurbishes them to working order. You do remember cameras that use film, right? Well, Ilott replaces their worn out leathers with wood veneer making each camera completely unique and one-of-a-kind. They also make sure each one passes a round of tests to ensure that it functions correctly … Continue reading “Vintage shoot”

Doggie design

20th, Dec, 2012

Wanmokku is a minimal design created by Japan-based Torafu Architects. The initial inspiration for the design came from an informal encounter with a Jack Russell Terrier. Through careful observation, the designers noticed that the dog would always come into close proximity to the clothes of the owner – most likely due to the reassuring scent … Continue reading “Doggie design”


14th, Dec, 2012

In New Zealand-based artist Phil Price’s OPTO sculpture, the yellow circles on the steel post are wind driven. The wavy steel post evokes a lighthouse. The two orange kinetic rings stand up in a no wind situation. As the wind blows the rings roll over and stand up again, creating an infinite range of movements. … Continue reading “Opto”

A real steel!

13th, Dec, 2012

These are famous for their ultra-thin wallets and contemporary profile. Made with 85%+ post consumer recycled stainless steel. Among the benefits of these wallets is their ability to prevent credit card fraud. It happens by blocking non-deliberate communication by RFID enabled smart card sand passports. We just think they look really cool! From Stewart Stand. … Continue reading “A real steel!”

Holy Smoke!

11th, Dec, 2012

Angelina Jolie in a Smoke Chair and a poetic video of the making of a Smoke Chair by Maarten Baas. Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design project can be daunting. PerLora is home to eight passionate Interior Designers that are here to … Continue reading “Holy Smoke!”

Charity begins at home

29th, Nov, 2012

For a limited time, when you donate $50 to charity you will receive $200 OFF the purchase price of a Stressless recliner or $400 OFF the purchase of select Eagle or Wing recliners. Stressless® living is the perfect combination of comfort, function and style. Our patented Plus™ system provides you with optimum head and lumbar … Continue reading “Charity begins at home”

Tweetie sweetie

26th, Nov, 2012

The silhouette of a typical table light has something vaguely in common with that of a deciduous tree. So it’s not a stretch to see how the Foscarini Birdie Lamp has been with further similarities. A whimsical modeling of the shaft of the fixture resembles a tree trunk and an offshoot acts. From the base … Continue reading “Tweetie sweetie”

How it’s made

21st, Nov, 2012

Here’s a cool video of how robots help make Ekornes chairs. Thanks to Ekornes, Damian Heinisch and all the students at Bilder Nordic School of Photography. Stop in at PerLora Leather in the Strip District to test the finished product!         Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or … Continue reading “How it’s made”

Boo who?

19th, Nov, 2012

Standard LED lightbulbs can last up to 20 years at normal use. Thus modern lightbulbs don’t need to be disposable. Booo lightbulbs blend the lamp with the lightbulb. Check out the video>   Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design project can be … Continue reading “Boo who?”

We still love NY!

14th, Nov, 2012

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz  created a riff on the iconic and ubiquitous “I Heart NY”. Designed by Milton Glaser in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Submerging the logo in blue dip-dye on a T-shirt for Grey Area, Errazuriz. He got inspired after noticing the devastatingly high flood line on the walls of … Continue reading “We still love NY!”

Gold Rush

13th, Nov, 2012

When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori’s pet goldfish became his inspiration. Ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin pouring into containers. Resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. This video gives you a glimpse of his amazing painting process. Schedule A Consultation today! Whether … Continue reading “Gold Rush”

Ripe plumb

12th, Nov, 2012

The British design team JAMES PLUMB famous for its ingenious one-of-a-kind furnishings and interiors. Created from antiques, cast-offs, and found objects. These beautiful and useful chests of drawers from vintage suitcases struck Lor and I. They  repair and reline each suitcase. Sets have antiqued cases of steel and wood that are custom-built to fit the … Continue reading “Ripe plumb”

Last shots from HP!

24th, Oct, 2012

Here are just a few  miscellaneous shots from The Furniture Market. We had such a great time…can’t wait for all the orders to come in! Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design project can be daunting. PerLora is home to eight passionate Interior … Continue reading “Last shots from HP!”

Coming soon!

23rd, Oct, 2012

Here is a sneak peek at some of the amazingly cool stuff we ordered at the Furniture Market!     Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design project can be daunting. PerLora is home to eight passionate Interior Designers that are here to … Continue reading “Coming soon!”

High Point Day Three

17th, Oct, 2012

More great stuff from The Highpoint Furniture Show! Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design project can be daunting. PerLora is home to eight passionate Interior Designers that are here to help you along the way. Get in touch to schedule an in-home … Continue reading “High Point Day Three”

Modern Art

9th, Oct, 2012

Joel Pirela is a graphic and industrial designer with a “thing” for designer’s chairs. Cool posters from a man after our own heart. Want to sit on some of the classics? Stop in at PerLora Southside! Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single piece or starting a whole house makeover, a new design … Continue reading “Modern Art”

Beautiful Mursic

3rd, Oct, 2012

Lora and I love these modern landscapes by artist Gérard Mursic are beautiful. The depth that is achieved through the use of layering colors and brush/knife work is what really make an impression. We could see any of these works fitting into and enhancing any mid century furnished home. Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re … Continue reading “Beautiful Mursic”

Shake it up

27th, Sep, 2012

Saltside Out is one of those ironic home accessories that subverts the natural order of things. In this case, the common saltshaker. Using hand-blown borosilicate glass, Jason Amendolara created a saltshaker that looks like it contains a saltshaker, so the salt appears to come from outside the shaker, not inside it. Follow that? If not, … Continue reading “Shake it up”

Your cup of tea?

25th, Sep, 2012

Rolf has a series of everyday porcelain objects that have been embedded in concrete and then cut in half to form unique pieces of art. Fittingly enough, the line is called Cutting Porcelain, and here’s what a porcelain teapot looks like from the series. Beautiful!   Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a single … Continue reading “Your cup of tea?”

The Daily Grind

21st, Sep, 2012

The Velopresso coffee cart by Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oliva is being hailed as a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology, runs entirely on human power. The cart includes a pedal-powered mobile coffee making machine, which is ideal for off-grid selling of quality espresso and its derivatives. We think Pittsburgh needs … Continue reading “The Daily Grind”

In toon

19th, Sep, 2012

The mission of the ToonSeum is to celebrate the art of cartooning. They help promote a deeper appreciation of cartoonists and their work through hands-on workshops, community outreach, cartoon-oriented educational programming, and exhibitions of original cartoon art. Worth a trip for sure. The ToonSeum is located in downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District at 945 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, … Continue reading “In toon”

Timeless design

14th, Sep, 2012

Marc Newson has worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and cars, private and commercial aircraft, yachts, various architectural commissions, and signature sculptural pieces for clients across the globe. His hourglass is hand blown from one single piece of borosilicate glass filled with an incredible amount … Continue reading “Timeless design”

Bamboo for you

13th, Sep, 2012

Alessi, a great company we are now procuring, and the Campana brothers now present the Blow up in Bamboo collection. These iconic pieces, were only available in stainless steel, are now presented in a new version made of hand-finished natural material. This shift from cold to warm material reveals not only a new design concept … Continue reading “Bamboo for you”


7th, Sep, 2012

The FLOAT sofa designed by Karim Rashid  combines an upholstered screen-like back with seating. The modern couch can serve as a space divider, a coat rack or simply lounge seating. Two hangers can be attached to the high back and utilized as coat hooks. Karim also designed the Cairo cushions and headrests, named for Egypt … Continue reading “Float”

Pittsburgh’s New Avenue

6th, Sep, 2012

Caress the leather. You will notice a marked difference with our NEW Avenue, just in from Italy. Once Perry and Lora sat on it they looked at each other and knew they had to have this sofa. We know you’ll feel the same way! At PerLora Leather. Schedule A Consultation today! Whether you’re purchasing a … Continue reading “Pittsburgh’s New Avenue”

Brevity is the soul of wit

5th, Sep, 2012

The “Il Conico” Water Boiler (Tea Kettle!) by Aldo Rossi has straight and clear shapes and lines, which combine a geometric and clear design – The boiler seems like a stylish pyramid. Born in Milan (1931-1997), Aldo Rossi is considered by many to be the greatest Italian architect of the second half of the 20th … Continue reading “Brevity is the soul of wit”

Bone to pick

28th, Aug, 2012

Using the principle of the bugle made famous by the RCA Victor dog, The Horn Stand Pro uses old school technology to amp up your iPhone. It can increase 22 db after use and does not need any supplementary electricity, it is absolutely environmental friendly. BONE also has some really cool iPhone cases. FYI…congratulate Perry … Continue reading “Bone to pick”

Save like a designer!

17th, Aug, 2012

Every now and then on this blog we will announce a sale at Pittsburgh’s favorite modern furniture store…us! Right now, during PerLora Designer Days, you can get a living room at designer prices! Whether you prefer fun or sophisticated patterns, solid colors, or interesting textures, it’s all good…you’ll save 35% on our most popular leather … Continue reading “Save like a designer!”

Wall arte

15th, Aug, 2012

The Arte wallcovering collection designed by Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino goes beyond the flat and brings the wall enchantingly to life. The technique of printing and the application of relief is used to give light the opportunity to transform the wall, or, as the renowned French architect Le Corbusier so poetically put it, ‘le … Continue reading “Wall arte”


10th, Aug, 2012

From a gnarled oak tree to a sleek pocket knife, award-winning San Francisco industrial designer Rick Lee finds inspiration in everyday objects. An innovator at the vanguard of modern design, Lee combines rational thinking with radical influences to create unique minimalist pieces. We always loved his designs and we are so proud we finally got … Continue reading “Unique-lee”

Solar Kindle

3rd, Aug, 2012

Wow. The Solar Kindle Lighted Cover is a protective case, a reading light, and a backup battery in one. Plus (as you might have guessed) it’s solar powered! Just leave it out during daylight hours and it’ll soak up enough juice to power your kindle for three times your usual reading time. And if you … Continue reading “Solar Kindle”

The Extravagant Vein

31st, Jul, 2012

Donald Moffett’s investigations into art history, paint, politics and form, provides the breadth and range of the artist’s practice over the past 20 years. As a painter, Moffett extends the traditional two-dimensional frame, converting the ordinariness of the flat plane into highly textured relief works. Some of these signature oil paintings are illuminated by incorporating … Continue reading “The Extravagant Vein”