The PERfect Fit

Arranging furniture and other interior décor can be an intimidating task – you don’t want to clutter, clash, or commit any other design faux paus. Even the most flawless of homes can pose their own complications, so what’s one to do when their abode features an abundance of oddly shaped rooms complete with the works: awkward angles, short walls, slanted ceilings, you name it.

Queue the “Per” effect at PerLora.

Our designers bring years of expertise and passion to help you find the PERfect fit in spaces you may deem completely imperfect and impossible. Check out five of their tips for arranging a peculiar room below!


 Keep the room light so you won’t draw too much attention to the space. Choose a radiant paint color. This will reflect the most light and will open up the room visually.

Moss Modular Mirror | Image Courtesy of Calligaris
Moss Modular Mirror | Image Courtesy of Calligaris

If the walls are angled, choose free-form wall art or a mirror as opposed to rectangular or square shapes. Make sure you hang the artwork/mirrors at eye level.  The center of the piece should be 60” from the floor.


 Create custom shelving for that oddly shaped cut-out.  Whether its glass shelving on a bracket, or a built-in bookcase, you can maximize the space in the room for your important treasures.  Just make sure that you keep the clutter factor in mind.

Cavelleto Floor Lamp

 Selecting the correct lighting whether it is a table lamp, floor lamp or overhead lighting is important to keep the focus away from the peculiar appearance of the room. Varying the height and brightness of the lighting will create a warm glow.  Use dimmers to help achieve this effect!

Focus Occasional Chair

 When the room is long and narrow, keep a consistent furniture color palette. You can also create two seating areas. Populate one of the areas with chairs of your choice and leave the other area open. You can then enjoy the flexibility of moving them into the other area when you need extra room for company or to satisfy your interior redecorating impulses.

Have a tricky space that just simply isn’t accepting your current arrangement? Our talented designers would be more than happy to help.

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