American Leather

Custom luxury to your home in about 30 days. Expertly crafted in Dallas, Texas.

A Unique Brand Based on Innovation

In 1990, American Leather® was founded on the revolutionary idea that custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. Founder/CEO Bob Duncan applied “just-in-time” manufacturing he admired from the Japanese car industry to the furniture industry. In the years since, American Leather has evolved from setting a precedent with quick-ship delivery to setting the standards by which all other custom furniture manufacturers are measured. From a small four person shop, the company has grown into a thriving leader in the furniture industry.

A Factory Unlike Any Other

The American Leather factory is unique to the furniture industry, creating custom luxury furniture in Dallas, Texas, and delivering via retail partners to consumers’ homes in about 30 days. Blending the best in technology, efficiency systems, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship allows American Leather to deliver the most beautiful styles, innovative mechanisms, and a wide variety of custom options. Today, in addition to the leather offerings, American Leather also manufactures furniture in fabric.

American Leather remains firmly rooted in its heritage of speed, quality, and customization, while providing style and comfort, and doing right by their customers..

Enjoy the American Leather products that PerLora and PerLora Leather have to offer.


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